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Sapphire Marketplace

Retail Development

Sapphire Marketplace is an excellent example of integration of a modern sub regional retail development within an existing urban context. The shopping centre has been carved into the hillside in order to integrate with the main street retail and civic square. Car parking is under and above the retail level, which integrates with the street and encourages free flowing pedestrian movement to and from the main street.

The Project involved the acquisition of a Council Road, The Bega RSL, a local car dealership, 2 private owners, and the Crown. Working with these stakeholders as well as the existing commercial tenants and the Bega Chamber of Commerce, a cohesive and integrated development was achieved at Sapphire Marketplace, Bega. As well as the retail portion of the centre the project included the construction of additional commercial facilities and a new car display area, as well as integration with the old commercial building.

On Completion Sapphire Marketplace consisted of a full line Big W, Woolworths, Dan Murphys, Dick Smith, 35 new specialty tenancies and 600 new parking spaces all within the Bega CBD.